Terrific Books to Teach You More about Cars and Driving

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Driving a car is a task that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Every time you get behind the wheel you become responsible for all passengers inside the car and for plenty of other people that are also using the roads on a day to day basis.  While obtaining your license you will have to undergo several tests including a driving test.  It is always best to find out as much about your car and driving as possible while you are learning how to drive.  Knowing more about your car is great for those emergency situations such as breakdowns and it is incredibly important to understand the road laws.

Here are a few terrific books that every new driver should read before taking to the road:

Terrific Books to Teach You More about Cars and Driving
Terrific Books to Teach You More about Cars and Driving

Smart Guide to Car Insurance in Florida

Car insurance is one of the most important parts of driving on public roads.  With a good insurance company you can claim any damages to your car on a road accident and in some cases, you can even get payouts for other people’s vehicles and medical bills if you were responsible for the accident.  If you don’t have car insurance yet then you definitely need to look at auto insurance rates in Florida right now so you can find a good yet affordable insurance company to secure you on the road.

Florida DMV Handbook

Before taking your driving permit test you should study the Florida DMV Handbook.  It contains all the needed road rules that you are expected to follow whenever you get behind the wheel.  This is probably one of the most important books you will ever own because it is so handy for keeping you out of trouble and for getting you that license.

DMV Test Practice Driving Questions

This paperback book is another must if your test is around the corner.  The book contains over 250 questions and answers all about driving on the Florida roads.

The Great Book of Florida by Bill O’Neil

This book contains all sorts of historical events and the fact that surrounds Florida.  While the book doesn’t exactly assist in driving help it does contain quite a lot of handy information that will help you become a smarter and better driver in this state.

Florida Backroads Travel by Mike Miller

If you want to travel the state then this is a terrific read that takes you to plenty of day trips off the beaten path.  This good book is available on Amazon.

The Driving Book by Karen Gravelle and Helen Flook

This isn’t just a good book to help you learn to drive, it is also the best seller on Amazon.  You will learn everything new drivers need to know about driving but might be afraid to ask.

Crash Proof Your Kids by Timothy C. Smith

This book is terrific for parent teachers and for teenagers learning to drive.  It teaches kids to be smart drivers and to avoid terrible crashes.  Most auto instructors only tell kids how to drive but never teach them what to do to avoid accidents on the road.