Keeping Track of Your Travel Trips

As much as we can keep our travel memories in the mind, we can also keep a track of them using many other measures. The mind may tend to forget sometimes. Keeping a record helps us to plan for our next trip and budget accordingly. It can also help us when it comes to giving out recommendations. Keeping records is also fun and a great way of telling your story. We all know good stories go a long way and are all people need. Some of the ways in which you can keep track of your travel trips include:

Keeping Track of Your Travel Trips
Keeping Track of Your Travel Trips


This is the most common way of telling a story. Many people like visuals and pictures to be specific. Good thing with a picture is that it can speak a thousand words without you actually saying a word. With the change in technology, storage is not a problem as many people prefer to store it in the cloud. When it comes to pictures, you take what is valuable to you and what you want to remain memorable.


Whether you are a writer or not, journaling is a great way of telling your story. With a journal unlike with photographs, you can have details of what happened and where. Journaling is a fun way to distress while at the same time you can be able to get ideas on what to do next in your trip.


This is a commonly used method for keeping track of your journey. The only challenge is that it’s an inconvenience having to carry your laptop everywhere. When you decide to do it at a later date you may forget or even not have time. The other challenge with blogging is that you cannot access internet at all locations and hence you will not be able to upload your write-ups online. Blogging also needs a bit of creativity in addition to flawless writing skills in order to appeal your fans.

Travel maps

Even though they are not the most popular, they can be used for keep track of your trip or making a travel plan. You can do a personalized push pin map and you are set. Good thing is they come in different sizes and gives you ease in tracking places you have been or where you want to go. If your heart is into art, this is worth giving a try.


This is more of a passive way of keeping track of the places you have been. A passport will definitely have a visa or stamp of the places that you have visited or you intend to go. They however don’t say much.


As much as memories are mostly kept in the heart, jotting it down also goes a long way. It is all about creativity and your goals. You can basically do anything as long as it works for you and what you are trying to achieve. Of course, there are many other methods that have not been mentioned. It’s all about you.