Tips for Moving When you have a Ton of Books

Packing and moving books can be a headache for many if they don’t use the right procedures. The books need to be packed the right way so that they don’t get damaged, and their transportation also matters. There are different kinds of books, from hardcovers to soft covers, large books to small books. Nevertheless, their packaging takes on a similar pattern. In this article, we will be looking at some tips for moving when you have a ton of books.

Tips for Moving When you have a Ton of Books
Tips for Moving When you have a Ton of Books

Cull your shelves

Making that move is probably one of the best opportunities to get rid of those books that you don’t need but have been lingering on the shelves. You would probably want to do this in advance so that you’re sure about what you need and what you want to get rid of. You can sell or donate the books that you don’t need.

Use small boxes

Go for small boxes when packing the books, probably liquor store boxes. The other ones could be heavy and even blow open in the bottom. It is also advisable to use bubble wrap to further protect the books.

Think creatively about packing options

If the move is a short one, you might want to consider packing the books in reusable grocery bags, paper bags, or storage baskets, as long as the bottom is sturdy. Wheeled suitcases are yet another option.

Pack strategically and label judiciously

Packing strategically is important, keeping the ones that were shelved together as one. This will make it more organized when unpacking. The boxes should also be labelled according to how they had been shelved.

Augusta Movers

Knowing the hurdles that come with moving the books, one of the best decisions that you can make is to have movers do everything for you. There are those that will just facilitate the move and leave you to do everything else, and there are those that will pack, transport, and unpack for you. These are probably the best as they will take the responsibilities of labelling and ensuring the books are the way that they should be. We also need to know that the books are insured in case of anything during the move. An accident or theft could occur, making us lose everything, and insurance will have us covered. Augusta Movers is one of the best Toronto movers, coming with a ton of experience to ensure your books move safely. They can pack, transport, and unpack the books for you, bringing great convenience. They know all the rules and regulations as well as the best routes to use during the move for smooth and timely delivery. They are licensed, insured, and highly trained in logistics, some of their other specializations including:

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Moving books in bulk can be one tricky affair and it isn’t advisable to do it yourself unless you’re experienced and have the required manpower. Going for experienced movers like Augusta Movers is the best option to get your books safely to their destination while saving time, and even money.