Importance of Leisure

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We all need that free time that comes in between or at the end of work or our busy schedules. The sad thing is that not everyone gets the opportunity to have leisure time in these hectic times that we live in. During leisure time, people can do things that please them and make them feel more relaxed. These could vary depending on individual preferences and could be anything from sleeping to playing video games. In this article, we are going to take a look at the importance of leisure.

Leisure is a source of rest and relaxation to our minds and bodies. It is that experience of enjoying something after a hard day’s work, so that we can relieve stress and tension we experienced at work, in positive ways. It is supposed to enlighten the mind.

Leisure activities such as reading broaden our outlook on life and make us look at it from other perspectives. We get to appreciate life more, learn about new places, and also brings out our creativity. They can help us remember the good experiences of our lives and also gives us immense satisfaction when we achieve what we set out to do. Leisure helps in unwinding, which is healthy for the mind and soul. It is also a good way to get rid of ailments such as high-blood pressure, heart attack, brain hemorrhage and so on. Saving some time for leisure in our busy schedules is very important and should be followed by everyone.

Importance of Leisure
Importance of Leisure

VR Sensors – Getting a Feel for Things

One of the ways that people can enjoy their leisure is by playing video games. This can be done on gadgets like Playstations, computers, and even smartphones and tablets. Smartphones and tablets are probably the most common ones because they are affordable. Their experience can be heightened by adding in VR headsets, that can also be enhanced using sensors. These translate the movements of the real world into virtual reality. Imagine what gaming would be like if the experience was felt everywhere, because that is what these sensors do. Below are some of the common VR sensors:


This is the sensor that helps the device determine which side is up, and which is down. It is the one that enables the device to distinguish between landscape and portrait modes. They are found in both smartphones and VR devices and are perfect for measuring linear movement, but bad at measuring rotation. They are always accompanied by another type of sensor, the gyroscope.


This is the one that deals with rotation and are found in the phones and VR controllers. They are also used in other devices such as drones and other radio controlled aircraft.


A magnetometer detects a magnetic field, acting like an electronic compass in line with the magnetic north pole. It was given new purpose by Google when they used it in their Cardboard VR design.

Optical Tracking

Used in premium VR headsets like the Oculus Rift, optical tracking uses an array of IR LEDS detected by one or more IR cameras. This helps in the mapping of the movement of the users head more accurately, calculating the lateral movement while combining the sensor data from the IR camera with all the other sensors.

A Sixth Sense

With the combination of data from the different sensors, devices are nowadays even measuring muscle movement and eye tracking technology. That is not the end as technology is ever evolving and we can expect more from the science of sensors.


It is important to create leisure time in our schedules and to also make sure that we spend it in the right way. This will refresh our minds and make us more productive when we get back to work. It also comes with the advantages mentioned above.