How To Set Up Your Dream Reading Room

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If you love books or you like relaxing with a good e-reader, you will love the ideal reading room. As book lovers ourselves, we’ve listed a few tips and suggestions so that you can set up a cozy, comfortable, and inspiring dream to immerse yourself in some good books:

How To Set Up Your Dream Reading Room
How To Set Up Your Dream Reading Room

Choose a spot

Do you like a specific reading spot? Some book lovers enjoy sitting back on their couches, while others love tiny nooks which they can comfortably fit themselves in. Your way of reading can say a lot about what your reading space should look like. Choose a room you tend to visit frequently for reading, and then figure out a layout and design.

It’s better to list everything you’d like in your reading room before getting started. You’ll obviously want bookshelves, cozy seating, and some end tables or maybe a simple coffee table as a bare minimum. Once those are in place, get creative.

You can go for additional accessories like a stereo and some headphones or speaker systems for a nice audiobook experience. A book stand or an e-reader allows you to roam around while you read. Some people like antique accessories such as metal ladders over their bookshelves. You can go for whatever visual and acoustic aesthetic you want!

Work with lighting

Once you’ve got your theme and furniture selection down, maybe start adding some fun touches to the room. Put bookshelves against the walls or in easily accessible places. Use nooks and crannies to place some comfy and cute floor cushions as well as some shorter bookshelves.

A cloudy or rainy day is great for some indoor reading, so place your cushions or reading chairs next to your window to enjoy some natural light. If it’s raining, you get to enjoy the natural soundtrack of rain with your current reading selection, and once the sun comes, it can heat the room and provide some good reading light.

Night owls can enjoy floor lamps around their room to get some soft glowing light. Place a coffee table or an end table next to your seat for some direct reading light from the lamp. You can go for stationary lamps or adjustable ones that are great for people who switch positions while reading.

Make the room easier to breathe in

If you stock up your shelves with old dusty books, or your reading space isn’t really that big, you could deal with stuffiness and claustrophobia, which doesn’t make for the most comfortable reading experience.

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In the end, your reading room should be catered to your reading habits and preferences. Fill your reading room with some coffee, snacks, and books, and you’re good to go!