Great Books to Help You Quit Smoking

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If it was easy to quit smoking there wouldn’t be nearly as many books, online help, remedies and nicotine alternatives out there.  It isn’t easy to quit this unhealthy habit.  Most smokers will attempt and fail to quit several times before they are finally free from this habit.

But it is important to keep trying until you do succeed.  Smoking is terrible for your personal health.  You can get all sorts of lung conditions and the habit can even affect other organs in your body like your kidneys and liver.  Smoking also affects your attractiveness because it causes staining and premature aging on your skin and teeth.  Here are a few books with the best advice to help you quit smoking.

Great Books to Help You Quit Smoking
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Get Hypnosis before You Read

You can read all the books in the world and have the best advice on hand and you will still suffer terribly from withdrawal symptoms if you quit smoking.  And when you do manage to overcome the withdrawal symptoms you still have to deal with higher levels of agitation, stress, and depression because smoking dampens these emotions.  Hypnosis will free you from withdrawal symptoms and can even help you overcome other issues such as stress, agitation, anger and more. Try hypnosis to quit smoking near me and you will be able to quit with ease.

Best Books to Help You Quit Smoking

Once you have gone for hypnosis therapy you should give one of these books a try.  The help of hypnosis should be enough to help you quit but advice from these books will guide you through the best quitting strategies.  Here are the best books to help you quit smoking;

Finally Free by Allen Carr – This book is specially written for women who find it hard to quit smoking.  The book features the most successful and easy methods for women to quit smoking.

Quit Smoking Today by Paul McKenna – Paul McKenna understands the frustration of gaining weight while you are giving up smoking all too well and he shares his methods to help you quit and to keep your weight in check in this great book.

The Only Way to Stop Smoking Permanently by Allen Carr – Many smokers relapse into old habits long after giving up smoking.  This book shares all the best methods to get you to quit smoking for good.

The Smoke-Free Smoke Break by Marla Somova and Pavel G. Somov – Those usual smoking breaks are often the biggest issue for those who are quitting.  You just don’t know what to do on a smoke break when you quit smoking.  This book gives you the best advice on quitting and tells you exactly how to enjoy a smoking break without smoking.

Smoke-Free and No Buts! By Ann Williamson and Geoff Ibbotson – This book features plenty of great strategies for quitting and for breaking the habit of smoking.  These authors also share how hypnosis assisted on their journey to quit smoking without all of those nasty nicotine withdrawal symptoms.