5 Reading Area Ideas Every Book Lover Should Consider

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Love to read?  Then you are probably all too familiar with the issues of finding the perfect reading spot. Reading in the living room is always a hassle because there are just too many people moving in and out of this area and the noise of the TV is constantly interfering with your reading.  The kitchen is a no-go zone for any book lover because for some reason everyone thinks that you are in there to make them some tea.  The bathroom isn’t exactly the best place for a good read and if you are enjoying a read in the outdoors then there is always the issue of finding a good and comfy spot to sit.  The bedroom is usually the best reading spot but even this gets tiring as your bed just isn’t designed for staying awake.

The best way to enjoy a good book is by creating yourself a good dedicated reader’s area.  With the right setup, you will be more likely to spend time there, read more books and others will learn not to disturb you while you are in your reading spot.

5 Reading Area Ideas Every Book Lover Should Consider
5 Reading Area Ideas Every Book Lover Should Consider

Here are a few terrific reading area ideas that any book lover will adore.

1. The Hammock Reading Spot

Hammocks are incredibly comfortable and perfect for reading.  They don’t take up too much space, can be set up inside and outside of the house and are absolutely glorious for hours of reading.  Mission hammocks are the best types because they are so beautiful, they are designed for comfort and they are incredibly durable.  Just add a ‘do not disturb’ sign to your hammock and you are all set to go for some reading.

2. Secret Reading Area

Create your own secret reading area by using an old bookshelf as a room divider.  You can stock it with your favorite books, use the back as décor for your room and create a very cozy spot for you to sit down and read so no one can easily spot you.

3. Window Reading Area

If you love reading next to a window then you will love this idea.  Get a few skinny bookshelves and lie them down on their sides across the room.  You can also copy this look with some crates and a good shelve.  Stack some soft pillows on there and create a cozy spot where you can read in lots of natural light.

4. Build an Outdoor She Shed

A she-shed or outdoor shed is perfect for reading.  You can stock this area on books, install a big sliding door and add a cozy chair where you can enjoy reading.  You can also decorate it any way you like.

5. Tent or Canopy Reading Corner

Got an empty corner in your room?  Set up a hanging or standing tent in that corner, stuff it with lots of comfy pillows and add lots of lighting and you can enjoy a very whimsical reading space every time you take on a new book.