5 Brilliant Stories on Incredible Fishing Expeditions You Simply Must Read

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Do you love fishing? Then you probably cannot wait to go shop for some more fishing equipment on ReelWithStyle.  This site is a good read for any fishing enthusiast because it is packed with great reviews on all of the best fishing reels available.  And while you are shopping for the best fishing gear for your next big fishing adventure, you can also check out these incredible stories or books about extraordinary fishing expeditions.

5 Brilliant Stories on Incredible Fishing Expeditions You Simply Must Read
5 Brilliant Stories on Incredible Fishing Expeditions You Simply Must Read

The Book of Jonah

If you are Christian then you are probably all too familiar with the story of Jonah who was sent on a divine mission by God but instead tried to flee.  Jonah was thrown overboard by sailors who saw him as an omen for the stormy weather.  After being thrown overboard, he was swallowed by a whale where he vowed to follow Gods plan if he was delivered from death.  After three days, the whale vomits Jonah out and he sets out on his divine mission.  This tale is a fascinating story and even non-Christians are frequently debating about the possibilities of surviving after being swallowed by a whale.  You can read the tale for yourself in the Bible.

Moby-Dick by Herman Melville

This 1851 novel is quite infamous and basically tells the tale of an Ahab captains quest for revenge on Moby Dick, a whale that bit off Ahab’s leg at the knee.  The book is referred to as “one of the strangest and most wonderful books in the world” and is now considered a wondrous work of literature.


Jaws isn’t your average fishing story.  This horror was written by Peter Benchley and was released on film in 1975.  The story starts with a young woman being killed by a great white while swimming.  Police chief of the area closes the beach which causes alarm for locals who fear that the loss of tourists might affect their income.  They set out on a journey to kill the great white shark which results in an epic battle.


This movie about a killer whale seeking revenge for the death of its pregnant mate was released in 1977 on film but you can also catch the book for a good read.  The horror tale is quite gruesome and a perfect read for those lonesome nights – if you are not afraid.

Big Fish

Big fish by Daniel Wallace is one of those tales that you absolutely hate but never forget.  This story has nothing to do with fishing but we simply had to include it in our little reading list.  The story basically focuses on a challenging relationship between a lying father and a son who detests his exaggerated stories.  In the end, the son realizes that the only truth that matters is the truth you believe.

While most of the stories on our little list are about fish catching people instead of people catching fish, these all sure are great reads for those with a passion for fishing expeditions.